To Patrick, seeing the world through a camera is as natural as breathing.


His camera is an extension of his mind's eye, and he has an uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time to capture the defining moments at weddings or any special event. Many of his photographs epitomize the joy of the human spirit.

He has had a camera in his hand since he was a teenager in Yardley, Pennsylvania. His true love for photography came in high school, and he turned to sports photography to keep himself in the game, albeit on the sidelines.

He found his niche in photography after college when he attended a friends wedding. Appalled by the pushy, "look here and smile" photographer who insisted on prompted photographs, Patrick was sure there was a better way. He envisioned a style of photography employing techniques he perfected on the sidelines as a photojournalist. He became a master at "covering" that special event unobtrusively allowing him to tell the story with spontaneous photographs that invariably brings delight to the viewer.

The oldest son of a very close Philadelphia family, Patrick is a gentleman with impeccable manners and charm. Always courteous, he has a sense of fun that was nurtured by growing up with amazing family and friends. His fiance is his greatest joy. His Philadelphia home is filled with photos of his family and friends, who are quite accustomed to being in his camera's eye.

All photography provided by Patrick Hagerty



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