What makes the Patrick Hagerty photography experience different?

Every aspect of working with Patrick Hagerty is designed to minimize hassle and maximize enjoyment. Your special event is one of life's most memorable and happy occasions – a fact never lost to him. Patrick is unusually experienced and sensitive in handling the details and nuances of event planning. And you'll enjoy a certain graciousness, warmth and cordiality in your dealings with him. He is genuinely interested in, and conversant with, the nature of your event – on call to respond to your needs with savoir faire.



I am not a celebrity, so am I a "Patrick Hagerty bride"?

If you want an unobtrusive photographer to quietly document your wedding with photographs that tell the real story, you are a Patrick bride. Actually, most of his brides are not high-profile celebs, and assignments are accepted simply on a first-come, first-served basis. Once booked, no other assignment is ever considered regardless of the caller. Patrick Hagerty is honored to serve any bride who wants her wedding moments captured by a soulful historian with powerful images for generations of enjoyment.

Exactly what is "wedding photojournalism" anyway?

Patrick Hagerty coined the phrase "wedding photojournalism" over 25 years ago to describe his artful approach to coverage typically without the subject even aware of his camera. Simply put, it's when a photographer senses, anticipates, and then documents moments as a journalist all without speaking or changing the scene, reporting the naturally discovered events. Results are truly timeless and telling of the day's spirit and couple's love, all based on the belief that people look best on their own. Heartfelt moments at your wedding are awaiting discovery by the mind and eye of Patrick Hagerty, the world's foremost wedding photojournalist.

But what about formal group photographs?

Patrick’s coverage would not be complete without exceptional group photography for the sake of your family history. For each level of coverage, formal photographs of the couple, party, parents, and immediate families are quickly and masterfully created, often in a session lasting just 15 minutes or less.

Does Patrick photograph every event?

His passion is photojournalism and he seeks every opportunity to document the events of his clients… he truly loves weddings and other events as well as being the quiet historian at one of life's greatest passages.